Tai Chi by Ronny
The Ancient Chinese Art of Health and Awareness

Ronny has been practicing Tai Chi since 1979.  He is currently teaching at Pierce College, Tacoma Metro Parks, the City of Puyallup and Pierce County Parks & Recreation. He has also taught at Prime Fitness, Ft. Steilacoom Community College, NASA Gymnastics and Weyerhaeuser’s Corporate Tai Chi Instructor.

Tai Chi Chuan is a centuries old Chinese exercise system for health, relaxation and self-cultivation. Emphasizing relaxation and inner calm rather than physical strength, it can be learned by anyone regardless of age, sex or athletic ability.


  •  Tchoung  version of the Yang Style

  •   Dual Solo, Sword, Broadsword and Cane forms

  •   Preliminary Breathing Exercises (Chi-Kung)

  •   Demonstrations and Seminars

  •   Individual and Group Classes


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